How To Type A German Umlaut In An Non-German Keyboard

Have you ever tried to type an Umlaut on a non german computer keyboard? Well, you won’t find them. But wait, there is a simple solution for this.

What is an Umlaut?

The German language has some characters, which other languages don’t have. For example the Umlauts. An Umlaut is a combination of one of the vocals a, o and u with an e, e.g. ae, oe, ue. For this combiations there exist the special characters ä, ö, and ü. On German computer keyboards you will find this characters. But on an english keyboard, you won’t.

How to type an Umlaut?

If you need the Umlaut in a HTML document, there is an easy way – just use the HTML code for the characters. But if you need the Umlaut somewhere else, e.g. in a domainname or in a text document, you should use the ASCII Code for the character. An ASCII Code is very easy to use. Each characters has a number assigned. You’ll just have to know the corresponding number sequence for the character you want to type.

To type an ASCII Code, you must press the Alt key and keep it pressed. Now you type the number sequence for the character on your number pad. Then release the Alt key. Now you should see the corresponding character on your screen.

The following list shows you the ASCII Codes for German Umlauts. You’ll also find the HTML codes for them. There are also codes for another German character – the ß. It is a combination of s and z.

Umlaut ASCII Sequence HTML Code
ä Alt + 1 3 2 ä
ö Alt + 1 4 8 ö
ü Alt + 1 2 9 ü
Ä Alt + 1 4 2 Ä
Ö Alt + 1 5 3 Ö
Ü Alt + 1 5 4 Ü
ß Alt + 2 2 5 ß

I hope you’ll find this information useful. Have a lot of fun with it 🙂

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