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This site gives the oppinion of the autor at the moment, when he wrote his article. As internet-based topics and technologies often
change very fast, the autors oppinion may change. All information you find on my sites is for informational purposes only and is
not intended to provide professional financial or technical or law advise. If you apply my tips, you do this on your own risk.

Although every effort has been made to provide you good information, I can’t garantuee you that all information, provided here is correct. I am not responsible for any of your actions.
I am NOT responsible for the contents of sites I am linking to.

My information is not to be interpreted as an earnings guarantuee or promise. Please be aware of the fact,
that earning money on the internet is a very individual thing. It depends on many factors. This means, that if you can read on my
site about people, who earned money by using different tools or doing something specific, does not automatically mean that you
or anybody else can do it the same way.

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