PHP: How To Format Numbers

In PHP there is an easy way to format numbers with decimal separators and thousands separators an so on. A number like 123456.789 can be easily formated to something like 123,456.79 or 123.456,79. In this article I’ll show you how.

First of all, why do we need to format numbers? Well it’s obvious, that you can read a number like 123,45 very easily. But how about 9348394309.238? 😉 In this case, it will be very useful to add some thousands separators. Because then it will look like this: 9,348,394,309.238. And maybe we want to limit the decimals to two. So it will look like this: 9,348,394,309.24 (please note the rounded decimal). So this makes it way more readable.

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How To Convert A Decimal Number To A Binary Number

Converting a decimal number to a binary number is easy. You just have to divide the decimal number by 2. If the division yields an integer, note 0, otherwise 1.
Now take the integer part of the division and divide it again by 2. Here, too, the value 0 or 1 is determined analogously.
This is done until the result of the division is 0.

Here is an example:

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