How To Mark Google Auto-Placed Ads as Advertising

For some time now, Google Adsense offers the option of having Adsense automatically place ads on a website. This leaves the ad positioning to Google’s AI. Ideally, this can lead to better advertising revenue. There’s just one catch: the ads aren’t always labeled as adverts or adverts.

The Problem With Auto-Placed Ads

If Google Adsense automatically inserts advertisements into a website, these should of course also be marked as advertisements. But what if that is not the case? After all, as a webmaster you don’t know where Google is placing the ads – especially since that can change permanently.

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The Ultimate Marketing Tool?

In my search for new marketing tools for my business, I came across an absolutely cool tool.

The problem with online marketing services

Perhaps you know this: Internet marketing has become a very diverse business. Over the years, different ways have been established to become successful. Email marketing, webinars, sales funnels, etc. Many tools, each of which costs money in itself and which you then often have to coordinate first. Interfaces, plugins, etc. – there is a lot of work waiting in advance.

Especially when you are new you often don’t know how to do it. Maybe you don’t feel like bothering about all the technical stuff.

I have now found a fantastic tool that includes many of these marketing tools in one. Depending on the package, it includes website builders, email marketing, messenger chatbots, webinars and much more. The operation is relatively intuitive and coordinated.

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