How Does Dropbox Work?

Cloud-computing has become very popular within the last years. There are so many providers of “cloud-based services” out there which offer you a wide range of services, like file-storage, online-editing of documents and much more.

One of my favourite provider is Dropbox, which offers an online-storage for your files. It also can help you to keep your directories and files in sync between multiple computers in a very simple way.

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How To Load A Default Image In HTML, If Image Is Not Found

When creating HTML pages, it can always happen, that you include images into a page that can not be displayed. There are several reasons for this, for example when there is a typo in the source code or the image file has been moved or deleted. In this case, using the JavaScript event handler onerror … Read more

How To Limit Post Revisions In WordPress

When I write a post in WordPress, I always push the “Save Draft” button in between. WordPress then stores the article in the database as a separate revision. So each time I save my draft, a new record is added to the database.
The revisions for a small article like this are stored in several records in my WordPress database. Altough only one of them is published. This mechanism gives you some kind of versioning of your articles, but it also produces a lot of overhead in the database, because the records remain in the database and “inflate” it unnecessarily.

Fortunately, you can configure how WordPress handles the revisions. It is possible to completely disable revisions, or limit to a maximum amount of revisions per post.

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How To Alter Background Colours Of HTML Table Rows With jQuery

If you have long lists of data displayed as tables, it may be a bit confusing to read a line across its columns. But there is an easy way to make your tables more readable. Just alter the background-colour of your list line-by-line. In this post I’ll show you how to do this by using … Read more